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「Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.」
Proverbs 3:5


Our missions and beliefs:

  • Uphold the spirit of philanthropy; equip children with knowledge and cultivate the truth in children through education.
  • Provide equal access to quality education for children from different social classes and children in need.
  • Make children feel loved and offer them a delightful learning experience.


Our students enjoy learning because…
  • We believe interest is a learner’s motivation.
  • Play-based learning is fun.
  • Sensory activities are a medium for learning.
  • Observation, exploration, thinking and imagination are key to learning.
  • A sense of accomplishment motivates learning.


Our school is equipped with …

  • A team of Christian teachers who are committed to education, well-experienced in teaching and professionally trained.
  • A quiet, clean and safe campus environment.
  • A spacious room for fitness games.
  • Comprehensive teaching facilities and computer network facilities.

Heartfelt Words from Children

If I …

  • grow up with encouragement, I will be confident.

  • grow up with sharing, I will be generous.

  • grow up with tolerance, I will be patient.

  • grow up with recognition, I will be loving to others and myself.

  • grow up with acceptance, I will be broad-minded.

  • grow up with acknowledgement, I will be confident.

  • grow up with fairness, I will be righteous. 

  • grow up with praise, I will be respectful.

  • grow up with kindness, I will be caring.

  • grow up with security, I will be able to trust.